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Impaired Driver Kills Moped Rider in Hit-and-Run

A hit-and run collision in Vance County, North Carolina (NC), on the morning of March 11, 2016, left a moped rider dead. The fatal crash occurred on Facet Road just outside the town of Henderson.



Authorities identified the deceased victim as 52-year-old Christopher Leon Terry. He succumbed to injuries before being transported to a hospital.

Police were able to identify and apprehend the driver who fled the scene. He now faces charges for causing a death, driving while impaired and operating a vehicle with a revoked license. He apparently should not have been on the road at all for multiple reasons. While nothing but an individual's own sense of personal responsibility and respect for others' safety will keep a drunk or stoned driver out of a car, holding people accountable for making negligent and reckless decisions is imperative. That seems likely to happen from a criminal standpoint following the deadly moped hit and run near Henderson.

Less clear is whether the family of the man killed by the intoxicated and unlicensed driver will be able to receive compensation for losing their loved one. The at-fault driver may not have current car insurance. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against him could be necessary to make him pay to offset the costs of the victim's funeral and to make up the loss of the support he provided his family.

The deceased moped rider's family may also find it necessary to make claims under the uninsured motorists provisions of their own insurance policies. Taking such an option is not always straightforward, however, because insurance companies examine and challenge uninsured motorist claims in the same ways that they review third-party claims.

Speaking with a caring and dedicated Carolina wrongful death attorney could help the moped rider's family understand their legal choices and ensure that they do not bear all the financial burdens of this tragedy.


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