Impaired Driver Severely Injures Motorcyclist on I-64

A motorcycle rider suffered what police described as "severe trauma to his body" in an apparent hit-and-run collision on the interstate through Hampton, Virginia (VA)), on the evening of November 28, 2015. The wreck near the exit to W. Mercury Boulevard also appears to have been caused by a woman in a car who was driving under the influence.



According to television station WVEC-13, a state trooper spotted the severely injured motorcyclist lying alone on the shoulder. Shortly thereafter, a report came in from a Good Samaritan who had witnessed the wreck and followed the car involved in the collision to a convenience store. When troopers tracked down the allegedly at-fault driver, they arrested her and filed preliminary DUI charges.

News reports do not describe how the wreck occurred or whether the driver taken into custody was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The exact details matter less than the consequences of the actions. Drunk and drugged drivers cause hundreds of injuries and deaths on Virginia's roads each year, and operating with impaired judgment increases the likelihood that a person involved in crash will make the irresponsible decision to flee rather than offer assistance to victims.

My Hampton personal injury law firm colleagues and I thank the person who saw the driver either hit the motorcycle rider or force him off the road for contacting police and being able to identify the hit-and-run suspect's vehicle. Drivers who harm others, especially while displaying little concern for their victims' health and safety, must be held to account.


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