This afternoon in Chesterfield County, Virginia (VA) the driver of a Pontiac lost control and swerved right into the path of the tractor trailer. That semi ran off the road and struck 300 feet of guardrail before finally coming to a stop, says Police.

The at-fault driver of the Pontiac who caused this huge accident is charged with improper lane change.  The man he ran off the road, driver of the tractor trailer, Corey White, suffered minor injuries.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 9 percent of all car accidents occurred when vehicles were changing lanes or merging. That equates to over 500,000 car wrecks in the United States. An improper lane change could wind up causing a major car accident which in turn results in serious injury or death.

Thankfully the driver of the semi was able to control his truck to the point where no other people were injured.  We don’t know why the Pontiac made such an erratic change but he may have been distracted.  Many U.S. traffic accidents in which someone got killed involved at least one distracted driver. Teens and adults younger than 30 had the highest numbers of injuries and deaths in distracted driving accidents.