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In Spite of Recall, Chrysler Jeep Models Still Dangerous, Says Center for Auto Safety

VA Chrysler Jeep recall injury lawyersChrysler’s agreement to recall over 1.5 million of its vehicles after intense pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is still not sufficient to ensure that its vehicles are safety, according to the nonprofit group The Center for Auto Safety.

The recall, which came earlier this month, was agreed upon after Chrysler offered to recall 1.6 million of its automobiles manufactured between 1993 and 2007; at issue was the fuel tank, which was placed at the rear of the vehicles and was hence particularly vulnerable to rear-end damage and subsequent explosions: the NHTSA states that 51 people have died from Jeep Grand Cherokees and Libertys catching on fire

Chrysler has offered to install a trailer hitch on the vehicles in question in order to protect the fuel tanks from damage; however, the Center for Auto Safety has stated that this will not provide any additional protection; the solution, according to them, is to move the fuel tank entirely. The Executive Director of the CAS pointed out that some of Chrysler’s later models have the fuel tank in the front of the rear axle instead of the rear of the vehicle, and none of these models have been subject to fatal fires; the proper response, the executive suggested, would be to see if a “skid plate” would help cushion the blow against the gas tank from high-speed crashes.  

If you’ve been injured by a car that had a faulty or malfunctioning part, you should consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Injury attorneys will be able to help you recover the damages to which you are entitled from the offending company in question. There are numerous products we know are dangerous that were exposed by faulty product lawsuits: asbestos, certain defective car tires, tobacco, and other harmful products that were not properly assessed for safety concerns. 

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