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Increased Safety Measures at Virginia (VA) Blue Angels Air Show

If you ever get to meet any Blue Angel pilots in person, you would find that they are extremely precise and dedicated. They will tell you with bravado that the only reason they are able to fly their planes is because of the excellent enlisted technicians who service their planes before and after a show. In fact, there has never been a Blue Angles air show canceled because of technical problems.

But after the recent deadly weekend in Reno, Nevada (NV), you may be hesitant to take your family to the
Oceana Air Show in Virginia Beach, VA. As a pilot and Virginia aircraft injury attorney, I can tell you that although nothing is certain there are several different safety measures in place at our Virginia air show. 

Pilots have to fly inside an invisible 2-mile box that must be at least 500 feet away from spectators. There are no people under or beside the box. The last crash at an airshow was in 2007 where the pilot was killed. Fortunately because of the strict safety measures there were no injuries to spectators. The
Reno air show accident that killed 11 people and injured 75, on the other hand, was a high-speed race that took place in an oval much closer to the crowd than the air race track at Oceana.

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