Infant Settlement of $8.35 Million in Portsmouth, Virginia (VA) | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

While a passenger in a car being driven on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), a four year old girl was injured by a speeding car. The defendant was late to an appointment and sped through a red light, hitting the car in which the child was a passenger. The child was left in a coma for 14 days and, when she woke up, had apparently suffered extensive brain injuries. She then underwent 30 days of rehabilitation at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters. Doctors performed a number of tests and scans, revealing many behavioral and memory problems. She was diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury, brain dysfunction, and attention-deficit disorder. The insurance company for the at fault driver claimed that the girl was an average student and that with medication her problems would be under control. However, the Plaintiff’s experts stated that she would need 24 hour supervision in a care facility. The large settlement was recently achieved by lawyers from Norfolk, Virginia (VA). They must have done a great job for the family of the injured girl. The lucky thing is that there was lots of insurance available from St. Paul Travelers and Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Companies. The Defendant was an employee of a local TV station which resulted in the large commercial insurance policy. With a brain injury, having a deep pocket is important because of the huge future life care costs to the injured person.

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