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Inflatable Jacket Invented to Reduce Motorcycle Crash Injuries

Necessity is often the mother of invention. For motorcycle riders, it may now mean the difference between life and death. Two companies have created a jacket for motorcycle riders that can inflate like an airbag upon impact. However, improving safety can never make motorcyle riding risk-free 

This video shows the new jacket in action:

As a Virginia (VA) motorcycle injury attorney, I have seen serious injuries and deaths result from cars and trucks hitting motorcycles. This happened to one of my clients while he was traveling home from work with his wife on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Both passengers were severely injured in a head-on collision. The wife suffered multiple fractures to the bones of her arm, wrist, tibia, ankle and hand. The husband sustained a severe pelvic fracture and a scrotal injury.

Injuries on motorcycles are almost always devastating and too often occur when another driver just is not paying attention and does not see the motorcyclist. Though the jackets may lead to less-severe injuries, mtorcyclsts will always be at risk until car and truck drivers pay more attention to their driving.

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