Injured Bicyclist Receives $3 Million Dollar Settlement | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A bicyclist has been awarded a $3 million settlement after years of pain following his accident. Four years ago, the man was traveling across a street on a crosswalk with a green light in his direction when a motorist illegally turned right on red and crashed into the cyclist. The man was thrown from his bicycle, hitting his head several times on the pavement. Though he was wearing a helmet, he reported things went black and feeling pain throughout his body.



After being taken to the hospital, the man was deemed well enough to return to work after a few days. He had contusions on his body and face, but no official diagnosis of brain injury was made. Though he was able to return to his career full time, he began noticing his problems with memory, attention, and organization. These high-level cognitive problems forced him to retire from his demanding job.

Our congratulations go out to attorneys, Robert Hall, Steven Frei, and Peter S. Everett, of Northern Virginia. As personal injury attorneys, we can appreciate the hard work that went into getting this man the justice he deserves. This bicyclist did everything right, from wearing proper safety attire to obeying traffic laws. There is no reason he should have to continuously suffer because of one driver’s mistake.

If you’ve been hurt in a cycling accident, consider consulting with a lawyer. Your health is too valuable to risk. Even if you feel fine a few days after an accident, the long-term affects can be life-changing.