Injured Motorcylist and Passenger Receive Settlement

The scene: A Virginia Beach, VA, man was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle with his wife during the summer of 2010. The couple was heading north on Independence Boulevard with a green light in their directions, when the defendant made a left turn onto Honeygrove Road, running a red light. The car slammed into the bike, sending the couple into the air. They landed on the driver's side of the defendent's vehicle.

The aftermath: The couple was taken to a hospital, where the man, who is left-handed, was found to have a very bad fracture and dislocation of his left ring finger, his left ankle and his left thigh. He also had brusing and abrasions. The wife had a broken tibia and fibia in her left left, road rash on her elbow, and a laceration on her arm that required stitches. She had to undergo surgery for her injuries.

Six weeks later, the woman began physical therapy and had to use a bone stimulator. To this day, she has diminished feeling in her left knee and has to wear a patch at the site of her surgery. Her husband, too, has had long-lasting injuries because of the accident and has needed multiple surgeries on his finger.

The resolution: Thankfully, the couple has received a $460,000 settlement with the help of their attorney, Michael F. Imprevento of Virginia Beach. The settlement will help cover their expensive medical bills and the loss of their Harley-Davidson.

As a personal injury attorney myself, I know how difficult it can be to fight for the justice you deserve when you're injured through no fault of your own. I'd like to offer my congratulations to the couple and to Imprevento.  



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