Injured Woman Receives $4.8 Million Settlement in Trip and Fall Case | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A 78-year-old woman walked into a Starbucks and tripped on a bulge at the rear entrance stairway. She fractured her femur which required surgery, according to the Pasadena Star-News.

The nightmare didn’t end there. She suffered a stroke due to the surgery which was followed by three more strokes. She is now wheelchair bound after the trip and fall accident.

Some people may chalk these tragic events up to a simple accident. It’s not like Starbucks can be held responsible for each and every spontaneous accident. Well, it turns out a contractor who did some flooring work at the Starbucks recommended the floor be replaced. If that wasn’t enough, a city health inspector told Starbucks management they should replace the flooring just an hour before the woman suffered her trip and fall injury.

Starbucks probably realized it would be better to settle this case than drag it all the way out to a jury. The injured woman received a $4.8 million settlement from the company. This money will help cover medical bills, future expenses, and pain and suffering.

Our law firm has handled trip and fall cases and we understand how difficult they can be to litigate. Many companies resist offering a settlement in these types of cases so it is good to see a company realize the importance of helping an injured victim rather than force a messy, drawn out trial.