A woman was walking down the stairs of a two-story building that featured Plazita Medical Clinic when she suffered a slip and fall. The result of this accident led to serious injuries to her back, leg, hip, and arm. She even requires injections for permanent nerve damage and she walks with a limp, according to santacruzsentinal.com.

The injured woman did not chalk this accident up to fate or happenstance. She believed the stairs were unsafe and the owners of the building knew of the dangers but did nothing to fix the problem or post warning signs for visitors.

For example, it was alleged that two other people fell on the same stairs and a code enforcement officer advised the building owners of several problems with the stairs prior to the woman’s slip and fall.

The injured woman sought legal counsel and a slip and fall personal injury claim was filed. The case went all the way to trial and a jury was convinced that the woman’s injuries could have been prevented if due care had been used by the owners of the building. She received $843,567 in damages to cover current and future medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering.

We are glad the jury sided with the injured woman. Our firm understands how challenging slip and fall injury cases can be to litigate successfully. We represented a woman who suffered a slip and fall at a restaurant and it took a while to get the case resolved but we eventually secured a settlement that was satisfactory for our client.