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Injuries Follow Semi Rear-Ending a Pickup in Suffolk, VA

Two people suffered serious injuries when a tractor-trailer rear-ended a pickup truck in the western section of Suffolk, Virginia (VA), on the afternoon of April 29, 2015. The collision occurred on S. Quay Road/Route 58 near the intersection with Leafwood Road. According to reports, the pickup was moving slowly behind a farm vehicle using the rural highway because no alternate paved roadway exists in the area. The semi struck the pickup from behind, but the farm equipment was not involved in the wreck.



The force of the collision sent both the big rig and the smaller truck off the road. The man in the pickup appears to have incurred his injuries in the initial crash, while the commercial trucker also ran into a stand of trees and got hurt in that secondary crash.

Police continued investigating the wreck throughout the day. Possible explanations include distraction on the part of the tractor-trailer operator, speeding and following too closely. The actions of the pickup driver and the person in the operator's seat of the farm vehicle also must be considered.

Regardless of what investigators determine to be the cause of the rear-end collision, the wreck highlights the need for every person using a rural highway to remain alert to rapidly changing traffic conditions and unexpected obstacles. Even though the part of S. Quay Road/Route 58 where this crash happened has four lanes divided by a wide grass median and a high speed limit, it is still a local thoroughfare where tractors and even farm and wild animals are not uncommon sights. Driving the route as though it were an interstate can leave anyone at risk for a crash that results in injuries or deaths.


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