As big and populous as Virginia (VA) is, it has only 40 cities scattered among its 93 counties. The cities house a lot people — and lawyers — but more than 1.1 million Virginians live in areas classified as rural. That includes Accomack and Northampton counties on the Eastern Shore, Isle of Wight and James City counties between Virginia Beach and Richmond, and pretty much all of the state north and west of the capital — places like Buchanan, Lee, Wythe, Montgomery, Floyd, Franklin, Bath, Buckingham, Buchanan, Spotsylvania and Culpepper.

My colleagues and I know the names of these places most folks do no more than drive or ride a train through because we often take personal injury cases in rural parts of the Commonwealth. Our focus on representing railroad employees who get hurt on the job or develop occupational illnesses such as mesothelioma, silicosis or cancer from exposure to toxins such as asbestos and diesel fumes often takes us to the southwestern coal country. We regularly handle lawsuits across Virginia and West Virginia (WV) wherever railroads like CSX and Norfolk Southern run track or have employees.

At the same time, maintaining law offices in Virginia Beach and Hampton makes it easy for us to travel to accident and medical malpractice victims and courtrooms on the Eastern Shore and Northern Neck and in areas around Richmond, Charlottesville and Washington, DC. The list of civil lawsuits in which we succeeded in securing fair settlements and jury verdicts in case ranging from car and truck crashes to brain injuries and negligence by doctors, nurses and pharmacists includes:

Rural residents face the same risks for injuries and wrongful deaths as people living in cities and suburbs. They do not always, however, have the same access to ethical, experienced personal injury lawyers who will fight for them to ensure fair treatment by insurers and the people and companies that caused them harm. My colleagues and I welcome opportunities to represent rural accident and negligence victims. We are used to getting in our cars and traveling to the homes of clients anywhere from Clifton Forge to South Hill and Eastville.