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Innocent Driver Injured by Another’s Illegal Lane Change

An illegal lane change on the interstate southwest of Columbia, South Carolina (SC), left an innocent driver hospitalized with injuries and the negligent or reckless driver dead. The two-vehicle crash happed near the interchange between I-26 and I-77 in Lexington County on November 30, 2016.



News reports contain no details on why the at-fault driver attempted to change lanes without checking for the presence of another vehicle. It is known that the impact of the collision pushed both the at-fault driver's car and the SUV he hit off the road. The person driving the SUV survived with injuries, while the person in the car died.

This wreck illustrates two important lessons regarding car accidents. The first is that drivers should always check their blind spots and err on the side of caution when changing lanes. Unless you are 100 percent certain that you have enough time and space to move over without colliding with another vehicle, stay in your own lane.

The second lesson involves auto insurance claims. Even though the person who caused the wreck lost their life, his or her policy will remain in effect until all legitimate claims are resolved. Dealing with the insurance company of an at-fault driver who died can be difficult, but the insurer cannot automatically deny any claims simply because its policyholder is no longer alive to provide evidence or make statements. Working with a dedicated Carolina personal injury lawyer would help the surviving victim of this Lexington County, SC, sideswipe crash clear obstacles to securing compensation.


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