The driver of a Jeep failed to stop at a red light on 1400 North Main Street in Springville and wound up crashing into a Honda Civic. The driver of the Civic, a North Carolina resident named Worth R. Rummage, was killed in the incident. Police reported that Mr. Rummage was trapped in his vehicle and he was extricated from his vehicle by Fire and Rescue personnel, according to Mr. Rummage was transported to a local hospital but succumb to his serious injuries.   Our deepest condolences go out to the Rummage family. Losing a loved one is gut-wrenching, but the pain is made even worse when your loved one is suddenly taken from you unexpectedly. It also has to be infuriating to know that this accident probably could have been prevented, if only the at-fault driver exercised more caution and paid attention to the traffic light.  The reckless driver of the Jeep did not suffer any serious injuries in the collision. Police transported the at-fault driver to jail for suspicion of driving under the influence and automobile homicide. 

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