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Intoxicated Hit-and-Run Driver Injures Child at Bus Stop

A child waiting at a Newport News, Virginia (VA), school bus stop suffered injuries after a car involved in a nearby crash ran off the road and struck the student. The wreck happened at the intersection of 48th Street and Madison Avenue on the morning of December 5, 2016.



The driver who hit the young pedestrian initially fled on foot. Police quickly found the hit-and-run driver, arrested her, and charged her with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Officials told news reporters that the wreck started when the charged driver ran a stop sign and collided with a second driver. The impact sent the at-fault driver's vehicle onto the sidewalk where the schoolchild was standing.

Fortunately, the child's injuries were not considered life-threatening, but the child's family surely faces large medical bills in addition the minor child suffering needless pain.

Regardless of how criminal charges against the reckless driver resolve, she should be held accountable for compensating the family whose child she harmed. Working with a Virginia personal injury lawyer to file insurance claims and possibly pursue a civil court case will help them do that. Punitive damages, which are noncriminal monetary penalties, may also be available if evidence confirms that the hit-and-run driver was sufficiently intoxicated.


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