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VA Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Investigation Reveals Too Many C-Sections

Thirty-five years ago, only five percent of women who gave birth delivered their babies by Caesarian deliveries, a.k.a. C-sections. But today, that number has increased by an incredible 500 percent, with one in every three women delivering via C-section. And at least 90 percent of those women will give subsequent births the same way.

Now, many people in the medical profession are voicing concern over the spike in Caesarian deliveries. And several studies have concluded that the majority of these unnecessary surgeries are being performed because doctors are more worried about lawsuits than out of the actual medical necessity of this method of delivery.

An investigation by Consumer Reports led to a report issued by the publication that ranks hospitals across the country by the annual number of Caesarian deliveries performed at each facility. Data was collected by examining the billing records of over 1500 hospitals across the country. Almost 70 percent of the hospital analyzed received low ratings for the number of Caesarian deliveries they perform. Just over 10 percent of hospital received high ratings.

There are incidents where a Caesarian delivery is the best option for the safety and well-being of the mother and baby. It is important to realize that C-sections carry the same risks of infections, blood clots, increased bleeding and other issues that are associated with any surgery and therefore should only be done when it is medically necessary, not when it is more convenient for the doctor.

The investigation also concluded that Caesarian sections are much more expensive than vaginal births and therefore are much more profitable for doctors and hospitals. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or illness caused by unnecessary surgery, contact a North Carolina medical malpractice attorney today to discuss what your legal options may be.  

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