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If NuvaRing Is Dangerous, Why Do Women Continue to Use it?

Despite all the recent news about the dangers of NuvaRing (ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel), the once-a-month pill-free birth control, some women continue to use it. As a Virginia (VA) dangerous drug attorney who has seen the devastating consequences of dangerous birth controls like Yaz (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol), I wonder why they still do. 

Maybe they are not aware of the more than 700 women who have filed lawsuits against Merck, the maker of NuvaRing, claiming it has caused blood clots.

Or they may have not have read about research reported in the British Medical Journal showing that women who use insertable hormone-releasing contraceptives such as NuvaRing may be twice as likely to develop blood clots as women taking older oral contraceptives.

Despite all the evidence that NuvaRing is harming women, Merck continues to promote the use of the contraceptive and denies such a strong link to deadly blood clots. So what should NuvaRing users do in the meantime? Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions about which other birth control options you have. There are close to 100 contraceptives on the market today.



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