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Boat Accident in Isle of Wight Causes Teen to Drown

Four days before Christmas, a teenager drowned after a boating accident in Isle of Wight County, Virginia (VA). Relatives of the boaters who talked to the Daily Press did not know if the boaters were wearing life vests.

This tragic death shows how dangerous local waterways can be. Other cases of boating accident deaths in the Tidewater area have happened in similar situations, where those responsible for operating watercraft either exceeded safe speeds, took excessive risks or failed to use safety equipment. In this case, the accident involved several young boaters who took a canoe out on the Pagan River in Isle of Wight.

There is a lot to figure out after a serious boating wreck. There are numerous agencies involved, including the U.S. Coast Guard and insurance companies.  

Moulton Avery, the Director of the National Center for Cold Water Safety, contacted our firm regarding this terrible accident and referenced the manner in which kayaks are rented to novices. Mr. Avery believe there could be significant liability issues involved in how, and to whom, kayak rental companies provide kayaks to travelers.

To get more information about what to do if you or someone you know what hurt in a boat accident in Virginia, take a look at this
consumer report dedicated to boating and water accidents.


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