James City County Man Dies In Car Crash | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

 WAVY-TV reports that one man has died and one is seriously injured as a result of a car crash in James City County Friday evening, July 31, 2015 on the 9500 block of Richmond Road.  Investigators reported that a 2000 Plymouth Neon was traveling east on Richmond Road very quickly and that the driver lost control of the vehicle. The Neon ran off the right side into an embankment and a tree. Unfortunately, neither man was wearing a seatbelt at the time of this accident. There is no sadder testament to the fact that wearing a seatbelt can save lives than hearing about an accident like this one.  The James City County Police Department has not yet released information about which man was driving which car or what factors caused the accident, but has released the name of the man who died in the crash, James Terrell Cowles, 47, of James City County. Our condolences go to the family of Mr. Cowles. When a loved one passes away as a result of a car crash, the grieving process can be especially difficult. Our firm is experienced in dealing with these types of accidents and the uncomfortable conversations with insurance companies and others surrounding who was “at-fault” or legally responsible for an accident. When a family member dies as a result of the wrongful or neglectful acts of another, a wrongful death suit can be filed against the at-fault party. In these suits families can recover for their mental anguish, the decedent’s lost income, reasonable funeral expenses, and sometimes punitive damages. Our firm prides itself in representing those who are seriously injured at the hands of another as a result of a car accident as well as the family of those who die as a result of the wrongful actions of another. Our motto is: all we do is injury law. While this particular accident requires more investigation, we hope if you or a loved one is in a serious car accident, you give us a call at 757-460-7776 and let us help you through your legal claim.