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Jet Crashes Into Indiana Neighborhood; Multiple Deaths Confirmed

What Happened

A privately owned jet experienced mechanical trouble and crashed into a northern Indiana neighborhood which resulted in multiple deaths. The jet is owned by 7700 Enterprises of Montana LLC and had taken off from Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK) and went down near South Bend Regional Airport in South Bend, Indiana (IN). According to authorities two people were killed in the crash but police have not released their identities. Several other people also suffered injuries and they were all rushed to South Bend Memorial Hospital. Of those injured two victims were on board the plane and one person was on the ground.  According to a South Bend Memorial Hospital spokesperson one person is in serious condition, the other two are in fair condition. A neighbor who lives across the street from the crash scene stated the jet clipped the top of one house, heavily damaged a second, and finally came to rest against a third.

Here is a news video covering the jet crash in South Bend.


Elizabeth Isham Cory, an FAA spokeswoman said the pilot radioed the airport tower as he approached to signal he was having electrical problems. The plane made several approaches to land before it stalled, and fell into the neighborhood.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

In 1958 the Federal Aviation Act and Regulations was enacted to establish essential safety standards for airplanes, which included the manufacturing of the airplane, flight operation, and the behavior of pilots. Though statistics show that travel by airplane is one of the safest means of travel accidents still occur and typically have deadly results. Our Virginia (VA) aviation accident lawyers and investigators know what it takes to prepare a case for successful resolution. In order to determine and pursue all potential sources of liability, we examine causes of the airplane accident and explore possible sources of negligence, such as owner negligence, crew negligence, maintenance negligence and defective aircraft design. Our Virginia (VA) aviation accident lawyers are committed to our clients and treat them as family. Through our dedication we have established an exemplary track record of success and delivered millions in restitution to our clients.

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