What Happened

This recall is issued for the John Deere Gator™ RSX850i Base, Sport and Trail models recreational utility vehicles that were manufactured between May 2012 and October 2012. These are two man side-by-side vehicles with RSX850i on the hood. This is voluntary recall by John Deere in collaboration with the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission.

There is a potential for fire to start because of the fuel line separating. John Deere has received three reports of separated fuel lines but no injuries have been reported as of yet.  Anyone owning one of the John Deere Gators should immediately stop using it and check the serial number to see if it matches with the recall. The serial number is on the rear frame above the receiver hitch. Only utility vehicles with the following serial numbers are included in this recall:

1M0850TB++M010013 thru 1M0850TB++M010768

1M0850TS++M010001 thru 1M0850TS++M011932

1M0850TT++M010001 thru 1M0850TT++M012765

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This is not John Deere’s first recall; however we commend them on how quickly they acted to issue this recall.  There have only been three reported malfunctions. Nevertheless, the company took steps to handle the situation as opposed to just chalking the incidents up to coincidence. However accidents do happen from faulty products and injure people every day. As a Virginia (VA) personal injury law firm our lawyers have a track record of taking on large companies and holding those companies accountable for defective products that cause serious injuries.

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