During the call of duty, first responders in Johnston County, North Carolina (N.C.) were involved in a 3 car chain-reaction wreck when their ambulance crashed on N.C. Highway 210 just the other day.  The force of impact in the collision caused the ambulance to flip over, injuring its occupants.

As reported by Johnston County officials, the ambulance flipped near Old Fairgrounds Road which borders the Harnett County line. After the ambulance flipped, it then struck an SUV.  The three emergency workers that were inside ambulance at the time of the crash were transported to WakeMed.

The paramedics that came to the accident scene took a total of three people from inside the other two vehicles to the hospital. According to authorities familiar with the crash, it appears that the injuries of all the victims involved were serious, but not life-threatening. Upon initial investigation by Johnston County officials it seems that the ambulance driver may have gone through the intersection before it was clear.

Ambulance drivers and EMS workers are often involved in accidents while responding to emergency calls and transporting injured patients. Tragically, EMS workers riding in ambulances can themselves be victims. Each year hundreds of workers putting their own lives on the line to help others are seriously injured or killed in ambulance accidents.

It is too soon to know who caused this wreck. When there are injuries, a full investigation will likely take place. Sometimes the emergency driver will be found at fault for not following the safety practices they should obeyed, and sometimes it is the other driver who messed up. Either way, I hope everyone recovers and that the insurance companies on the hook do what they are supposed to for the folks who got hurt.