What happened:

 A former Johnston County school bus driver has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in the death of 45 year old Carolyn Southerland. The victim, from Willow Spring, was driving a motorcycle when she was killed.

 According to a report on WRAL, the 44 year old female bus driver was operating a McGee’s Crossroads Elementary school bus, with five students onboard. She was driving on Sanders Road and attempted to turn the bus onto Lansing Drive, but instead drove right into the path of Southerland’s motorcycle. The victim was transported to WakeMed where she later died. None of the students on the bus were injured.

 The driver had been employed with the bus company since August, 2011. She was suspended with pay after the accident, but resigned a week later.


 The North Carolina Injury Lawyer Perspective:

 So many drivers ignore that we share the road with motorcycles. How many times have we seen vehicles take quick turns, ignoring the bike coming the other way, ignoring the safety of that driver on that motorcycle? How many times do we read of tragedies such as this where another person has been killed driving a motorcycle because their right of way was ignored? How many families have lost loves ones?

 Although the bus driver has been criminally charged, the victim’s family should consult with a North Carolina wrongful death attorney to find out what claims they may have against the driver and/or the bus company for their pain and loss.


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