What Happened

A West Virginia (WV) jury levied a $90.5 million verdict against a Charleston nursing home. A judge recently upheld the vast majority of the jury verdict, according to mcknights.com.

The case arose after the death of a nursing home patient in 2009.  The patient’s son sued the nursing home claiming that the negligent treatment by the staff at the nursing home contributed to his mother’s death. The suit also claimed that the nursing home was understaffed in an effort maximize profits.

The jury agreed with the patient’s son and decided $90 million was a penalty sufficiently large enough to deter companies from skimping on staff and quality of care at nursing home facilities in an attempt to obtain more profit.

The Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Our firm fully supports the $90 million jury verdict. The level of negligence at this nursing home was unacceptable and an innocent patient lost her life as a result. Unfortunately, this type of disregard for patients and their care is not uncommon. Many nursing homes are owned by large companies who view the facility as a profit machine as opposed to a place where elderly patients try to enjoy their golden years with respect and dignity.

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