Wednesday, a jury found Jeremy White of Paso Robles negligent in causing an accident in 2007 that paralyzed a former California Highway Patrol officer and killed a motorist.

The accident occurred when the officer pulled a vehicle over for a traffic violation and was talking to the driver through the passenger window.  It was then that a truck slammed into the SUV, killing the driver and leaving the officer a quadriplegic.

Unfortunately, paralyzed arms and legs are a common result of serious accidents such as this as well as commercial truck accidents, airplane crashes, and on-the-job railroad accidents.  When someone suffers a serious spinal cord injury, their hopes and dreams can be dashed.

Permanent loss of your lower extremities or both lower and upper extremities are scary to even consider. However, as a personal injury attorney I know that spinal cord injuries can result from even typical motor vehicle crashes, especially those involving motorcycles or big rig trucks.

The lawyers at our firm have handled a number of claims and lawsuits over the years involving this kind of tragic spinal cord injury. One paraplegia case we worked on was an injury to a railroad worker out of Richmond, Virginia (VA).