Kansas Train Derails, Raising New Safety Questions

Rail safety is being highlighted again in 2015 after a new warning was issued last month from federal regulators.


The NTSB is telling railroad companies to take urgent action after its investigation of a recent derailment in Kansas. No one was hurt, but it raised alarms about whether the rail network in the US is safe.

Two trains collided in September in Galva KS, and it may have been caused largely by a single lightbulb.

The NTSB stated that a green LED light was so bright that it was brighter than the regular red stoplight. The engineer then accelerated and smashed into another train.

The NTSB now is telling all railroads to eliminate these types of lighting hazards around the US.

The NTSB also noted that there are other gaps in rail oversight, including railroads doing their own bridge inspections; a lack of a federal database on bridges; and rules that tell states when big oil shipments pass through, but only when the oil is the more volatile Bakken variety.

In our years as train accident personal injury lawyers, we have seen many cases where train company or railroad company negligence led to serious injury or death, such as this $825,000 settlement. We favor stricter rules for railroads to ensure that the nation’s railways are as safe as possible.

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