Marion “Hammerhead” Karr completed his journey across North Carolina on skateboard this week – a 500-mile trek that raised money and awareness for traumatic brain injuries.

Karr, who himself suffered a brain injury in a bike accident 30 years ago, stopped along the way to educate children about helmet use at local fire stations and to educate North Carolina politicians on the importance of helmet laws, resources for brain injury survivors, and traffic safety.

The money raised during the journey, expected to be about $10,000 was donated to Hind’s Feet Farm, a local nonprofit with two locations in North Carolina that serves the needs of those struggling with traumatic brain injuries and head injuries. The charity organization is run by Marin Foil, whose younger brother suffered a serious brain injury in 1982. The skateboard ride, dubbed Surf 2 The Surf, lasted for 11 days and included an 8-mile wakeboarding portion across lake Normon.