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Knotts Island (NC) car wreck leaves five injured and few answers.

Car accidents, even minor ones, are frightening occurences for those involved.  In a high speed head-on collision however, you are lucky if you are alive to remember what it felt like to be scared.  Fortunately, it appears all of the people involved in a recent high speed head-on collision on Knotts Island are going to make it.  Unfortunately, all five people were severely injured, and one had to be flown to Virginia Beach General via the Nightingale, an air-ambulance/helicopter operated by Sentara.

The cause of the accident is unknown at this time.  While the accident certainly could have been caused by a medical emergency or other innocent reason, unfortunately most accidents of this nature are the result of someone's negligence.  We remain hopeful that everyone involved makes a full and complete recovery, and are happy that our area has a resource such as the Nightingale to transport victims of serious accidents quickly and safely.  If this accident was the result of negligence, the responsible parties should make sure they do what they can to make the victim's whole. 
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