The Los Angeles Times published an article on how dirty duodenoscopes used during an array of medical procedures created a “superbug” which put the lives of numerous patients at risk. These scopes are

Federal prosecutors issued subpoenas to Olympus, the largest manufacturer of duodenoscopes, and two other scope makers, seeking details about when they knew about the dangers of their devices and what actions they took to safeguard patients, according to the LA Times article. It’s disturbing to learn that U.S. health officials were aware of an infection risk from contaminated scopes going back to 2011. “It’s just shocking that so many people were affected by this without anything being done about it,” said Lori Smith, Young’s mother and herself a nurse. “Does business go on as normal and people keep getting infected?” It’s an important question. Unfortunately, it seems like many hospitals are still operating like business as usual, despite the serious safety concerns with these devices.  If You or a Loved One was Harmed by a Duodenoscope, Contact Our Firm Today The duodenoscope injury lawyers at our firm are accepting duodenoscope infection cases in all 50 states. Our firm is based in Virginia, but we are a national firm that has handled major personal injury cases throughout the United States. If you or somebody you know was diagnosed with a “superbug” or CRE infection, contact our team of experienced personal injury attorneys for a confidential, no-cost case analysis.