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Law Enforcement Targets the Dangerous Synthetic Drugs Spice and Bath Salts. Is Fentanyl Next?

In Charleston, West Virginia (WV) lawmakers say recent busts at convenience stores where synthetic narcotics were being sold proves the new state law banning the products is working.

The drugs are marketed as harmless home goods such as incense or bath salts and are labeled "not for human consumption," but when consumed by humans, either by smoking or snorting, the substances have been known to cause side effects such as seizures, hallucinations, extreme paranoia and delusions.

As a Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney I have already seen deaths caused by these synthetic drugs in Virginia (VA) and not only to those who take the drug but to innocent bystanders as well. One such case was a fatal crash, where the at-fault driver could have been under the influence of an illegal, synthetic drug known as Spice.



I'm glad law enforcement is cracking down on these dangerous drugs but what about another dangerous drug, Fentanyl?  Fentanyl is 80 times more powerful than morphine.  In fact, pharmacist Lynn Hostetler told CBS News that fentanyl, which is sold in a patch by Ortho-McNeil under the brand name Duragesic, is one of the most dangerous drugs he dispenses.

Which brings us to the question, why would drug companies promote such a potent pain medication delivery device? Primarily because there is massive profit to be made from selling fentanyl pain patches. The companies argue that Duragesic and its generic equivalents have been used safely in hospitals for decades. The key phrase there is "in hospitals."

Greed for massive profits drives the continued use of this dangerous drug, despite many deaths.  If you have been
adversely affected by Duragesic or another fentanyl patch, or if a loved one has accidentally overdosed, our Virginia injury and dangerous drug attorneys have taken on the large drug companies with regard to other dangerous drugs such as fentanyl pain patches, and we have labeled fentanyl a "Merchant of Accidental Death" in a series of Virginia Injuryboard blogs and blogs on fentanyl wrongful deaths on our Virginia Beach-Norfolk Injury law firm blog.


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