Lawsuits Mounting Against Makers of Accutane

When drug manufacturers and marketers create and sell new prescription drugs to the  public, they must take great care in doing so  in a safe manner. They must only market the drug when it is absolutely necessary, and warn consumers about potential risk and side effects. If and when they do not, the effects can be very detrimental.

This is the situation now being faced by pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-LaRoche, a company facing an increase in lawsuits for the overprescription of Accutane, a medication used in the treatment of acne. It was discovered in April of 2010 that taking Accutane can result in serious intestinal disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's Disease. Although it was only supposed to treat severe and persistent forms of acne, Hoffman-LaRoche encouraged physicians to prescribe Accutane for milder forms, resulting in millions of patients being exposed to gastrointestinal side effects.

Because the makers of Accutane failed to foresee these injurious effects on the public (as is their legal responsibility), innocent patients now suffer harm when they originally sought only a cure.

Bringing a legal case against a major company for dangerous drugs is a difficult and time-consuming enterprise.
You need the services of a law firm that has experience with these types of cases to assist you. If you think you may have a case regarding the use of Accutane, or another prescription medication, contact our firm as soon as possible. While we cannot guarantee we can handle your claim, we offer a free and confidential case consultation.  


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