Tips to Avoid Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Crashes

One of the most frightening moments for a motorcycle driver is when they see they have a green light as they are approaching an intersection and suddenly a vehicle turning left is heading right for their bike. If the motorcycle driver is quick enough, he or she may be able to get out of the vehicle’s way. But all too often – and usually with tragic consequences – the vehicle slams into the motorcycle.

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Left-hand turn accidents are the most common types of motorcycle accidents. They are usually a result of the vehicle driver trying to beat the red light, miscalculating how far away the motorcycle is, or not seeing the motorcycle approaching at all.

Avoiding Left-Hand Turn Motorcycle Crashes

There are some steps that cyclists can take to help minimize their risks of these types of crashes. One of the most important things a motorcycle driver needs to do is always be acutely aware of their surroundings. Motorcyclists need to pay attention to all of the traffic around them and be ready for any sudden movements a vehicle may make. Another important safety tip in avoiding accidents is to always be ready to brake. Be prepared for those sudden movements.

It is also important to make sure you can always see the traffic traveling in the opposite direction you are. Do not follow so close to the vehicle in front of you that your vision of oncoming traffic is blocked.

Also, be aware of any gaps that may exist in traffic. Those gaps are exactly what other drivers look for when they are trying to turn or pull out parking lots and/or streets. Many of those drivers are so busy looking for other vehicles, they may not register seeing a motorcycle.

Traffic lights also present a danger that motorcycles need to watch for. When sitting at a red light and the light turns green, even though the motorcycle may have the right away, other vehicle drivers do not always follow the rules of the road. Make sure to check traffic on all sides of you before you proceed. Not only do you have to watch for left-hand turning vehicles, but there may be other vehicles who thought they could beat the change of light from green to red in their direction.

Contact a North Carolina Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you are likely facing a long rehabilitation period for your injuries. This often means high medical bills and loss of income from being unable to work because of those injuries. Contact an experienced North Carolina motorcycle accident attorney to discuss what legal options you may have against the at-fault driver and how our firm can help you obtain the financial damages you deserve.
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