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Left-Turn Crash in Myrtle Beach, SC Kills 2, Injures 6

An attempted left turn off Highway 17 Business in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (SC), turned deadly on the night of July 21, 2015. According to television station WBTW, a minivan was struck by a Mercedes while trying to enter a driveway off the road known locally as S. Kings Highway. Killed in the wreck were two girls aged 12 and 13 years. Three people in the minivan, and another three in the car sustained serious injuries that required hospital treatment.Three people in the minivan sustained serious injuries that required hospital treatment, as did , another three in the car.



News reports do not indicate which driver bore responsibility for causing the left-turn crash. The person behind the wheel of the minivan may have failed to yield right of way to the car going straight, trying to cut rapidly across oncoming traffic but misjudging speed and distance. Alternately, the driver of the car may have been exceeding the posted speed limit or distracted and not keeping his eyes and mind on the road. Police will also need to determine whether either driver was prone to making a potentially fatal driving error due to being drunk or stoned.

Finding answers to questions like those is important for insurance reasons. Crash victims have rights to request compensation and damages for personal injuries and wrongful deaths inflicted by reckless or negligent drivers, but doing so depends upon presenting evidence that the other person did cause the harms claimed. Investigations into wrecks like this one in Horry County can takes weeks, and sometimes months. With no clear evidence indicating that one driver is primarily or exclusively to blame, police will need to interview survivors and witnesses, analyze the vehicles and reconstruct the collision.

As that process progresses, the injured people and family of the deceased children could go long ways toward ensuring their rights and interests get protected by working with an experienced and dedicated plaintiff's attorney.


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