A Burlington, North Carolina (NC), moped rider suffered serious injuries in a hit-and-run collision. The crash occurred at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Anthony Road on the night of December 9, 2015. An SUV’s driver’s failed to yield right of way while making a left-hand turn. Drug use may have played a role in setting the stage for the wreck.



According to the Times-News newspaper, the driver of the larger vehicle never stopped after the moped rider slammed into the right-side passenger door of the SUV. Police located the SUV a short time later, and man who had been behind the wheel admitted to his involvement. In addition to causing a hit-and-run accident with injuries, the at-fault driver faces charges related to possession of drug paraphernalia.

The moped rider was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Chapel Hill with injuries believe to be life-threatening. While his condition was later upgraded to stable, he faces a long and difficult recovery.

The incident highlights three essential facts. First, drivers must watch out for and share the road respectfully with mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles. Two-wheelers can be difficult to see, but that just increases drivers’ duties to make sure none are approaching when they attempt to turn, merge or change lanes. Claiming “I never even saw …” will not excuse a driver from hitting and injuring or killing someone else.

Second, attempting to avoid liability by fleeing the scene of an accident only makes a bad situation worse. The SUV driver in Burlington has been charged with a felony, and his irresponsible action left the moped rider without assistance for a period of time that could have proven fatal.

Last, if the wreck resulted from drug use and intoxication, the collision exemplifies how the loss of concentration and incaution that come with getting high put everyone on the road at risk. Stoned drivers can make poor decisions that others pay for with their health and lives.