Left Turn Turns Deadly in Chesapeake, VA

One person died and three others went to the hospital with injuries when two cars collided at the intersection of Portsmouth Boulevard and Dock Landing Road in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), on the afternoon of August 2, 2016. One of the drivers was attempting to turn left, and the other driver was going straight through the intersection. Each car was carrying two people.



Police released very little information about the deadly crash. News reports do not specify which of the four people involved in the wreck lost his or her life, nor are the nature and extent of the survivors' injuries known. Most concerning for the victims is the lack of information on which driver caused the fatal accident.

Every left turn crash raises questions of which driver had right of way through the intersection. When both drivers have green lights, the turning driver must yield to the driver going straight. However, a speeding driver can be found liable for negligently or recklessly crashing into a turning driver. Also, if a driver goes through a red light or ignores the yield signal of a yellow light, he or she can be found responsible for causing a crash.

Other questions law enforcement officials investigating the Chesapeake car accident must answer concern whether either driver was too distracted to see the other vehicle and whether either driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol. Having that information will allow the injured people and the family of the deceased victim know where and how to file personal injury and wrongful death claims.

As answers about the causes of the crash at Portsmouth Boulevard and Dock Landing Road emerge, the people affected by the wreck may find it helpful to consult with and receive advice from a Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney. A legal representative will ensure victims receive all essential information and do not get intimidated or ignored by insurance companies. 


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