Legally Blind Man Killed By CA Freight Train

A legally blind man died over the weekend in Oakley, California (CA) when he was struck by a passing freight train.

The man was walking to meet his wife on East Cypress Road. He was crossing the tracks and he tripped. When that happened, he became disoriented, and he tried to avoid the train that he heard approaching. But he dove into the tracks and was run over.

It is sad that thousands of these sorts of accidents at railroad crossings occur every year. We have seen many of these cases ourselves, as personal injury lawyers representing train, car and truck accident victims in Virginia.  It is estimated by the Federal Railroad Administration that there are more than 9000 accidents involving trains and cars/pedestrians every year.

Although this was an usual case where the victim was legally blind, we all would be well served to be extra cautious when we approach railroad crossings by foot or by car. Keep in mind that even if the train crossing has flashing lights and a safety gate, accidents still do occur. There have been cases where safety gates did not fall, and cars or pedestrians have been struck by the passing train.


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