What Happened

A Montgomery County resident is in life threatening condition after their SUV was rear ended and pushed into the path of a school bus.

Authorities say that road conditions were very slippery and wet after a mix of rain and sleet had fallen on the area. The initial investigation states the accident took place on Clopper Road near Game Preserve Road when a commercial van collided with the SUV and pushed it into the path of the school bus. The bus was from Clopper Mill Elementary school and carried seven special needs students, who were reported to not sustain any injuries.

The accident is still under investigation.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Bad weather may have been a factor of this accident but it is only partially to blame. Drivers who do not maintain a safe speed for bad weather conditions can lead to the most devastating accidents. When weather conditions suddenly change, the risks of car accidents can likewise substantially increase. Drivers need to take extra precaution behind the wheel during times of inclement weather. One of the easiest and safest measures to take is to simply increase the distance between you and the car ahead of you. This will allow for more time to react if something goes wrong. When drivers fail to give extra room it usually leads to a chain reaction wreck. An accident is determined to be a chain reaction wreck when one vehicle strikes another causing the second vehicle to strike a third, and so on.  Just recently a very bad winter storm hit North Carolina (NC) and caused over two hundred wrecks in one day.

Chain reactions wrecks can cause big headaches for those who have been involved; with the need to get information from all the drivers, contacting all the insurance companies involved, and then waiting and waiting as the insurance companies argue over who is to blame for the accident. We strongly recommend for victims of chain reactions wrecks to contact a Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer familiar with these types of accidents. Our lawyers are familiar with accident reconstruction methods, and other tools used to determine liability, and know how to pursue the maximum recovery for your claim.

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