What Happened:

A tragic workplace accident turned deadly over the weekend in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Authorities revealed that a worker at RSI Home Products sustained a life-threatening injury on Saturday and died later that day in a local hospital.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has not yet revealed the man’s name, saying that his family has been notified, but that the man’s name is not yet available for public release. According to investigators, the man was on duty when a terrible, life-threatening accident occurred. Emergency personnel were alerted and he was transported to the nearby Carolinas Medical Center – Lincoln. Once there, doctors attempted to save the man, but soon after he was pronounced dead.

RSI Home Products is a manufacturing facility that makes bathroom and kitchen fixtures, such as vanities and back splashes. The Sheriff’s Office has said it is continuing to investigate the workplace death to determine what went so tragically wrong.

The North Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney’s Perspective:

Working in an industrial setting can be dangerous work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,609 fatal workplace accidents in 2011. It’s terrible to imagine that thousands of people lose their lives each year simply trying to earn a living. Workers should at least have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are not at risk of debilitating injury or death; after all, no job is worth such a tremendous sacrifice.

If someone you love has been seriously injured or died as a result of workplace accident, please reach out to a skilled North Carolina wrongful death attorney. My firm has experience handling such delicate cases and can help guide you through the difficult process.

Helpful Info:

The attorneys at my firm have been involved in numerous cases in which we have represented workers or the families of workers who have been seriously injured or killed while on the job. In one case, involving the wrongful death of a CSX railroad worker who lost his life to lung cancer after years of being exposed to asbestos and diesel fumes, I was able to secure an $8.6 million jury verdict for the family of our client.

For more information on the wrongful death claims process in North Carolina, read the following guide published by my firm’s experienced wrongful death attorneys. The article provides some important background information about what a wrongful death case is as well providing answers to some basic questions about how such claims are handled.

Have Questions?

Those who have lost a loved one in a workplace accident will likely have many questions about how to move forward and put the pieces of their life back together. You might be wondering what a wrongful death claim is, or how damages are calculated. If so, check out the following frequently asked questions, which contain some basic information about wrongful death claims in North Carolina

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