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Little River, SC T-Bone Crash Causes SUV Rollover, Fatal TBI

A collision between a pickup truck and an SUV at the intersection of U.S. 17 and Golf Avenue in Little River, South Carolina (SC), left one person dead from traumatic brain injuries. The deadly T-bone crash occurred when the pickup's driver failed to yield right of way to the man behind the wheel of the other vehicle. The force of the collision caused the SUV to roll over, and that appears to have inflicted the fatal TBIs.



T-bone crashes, which are also referred to as broadsides, often happen when at-fault drivers act impatiently when crossing rural highways or ignore red lights and stop signs. Whatever scenario led the pickup driver to enter the intersection north of Myrtle Beach without first allowing the SUV to pass, the results of the mistake or recklessness were tragic and irreversible.

Avoiding a T-bone crash is relatively simple. In most case, all a driver needs to do is wait and watch for traffic to pass or abate. When people fail to exercise those cautions, others often suffer severe injuries and too many lose their lives.

My Carolina personal injury and wrongful death attorney colleagues and I send our deepest condolences out to the friends and family of the man killed in Little River. We also urge everyone reading this to make sure the way is clear before entering any intersection.


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