Plans for road construction on a particular stretch of Highway 17 in Craven County, North Carolina had already been approved for much needed repair, but as WITN News reported, it has locals wondering that the road construction project has taken too long to materialize. This appears to be the case for the now deceased, 85-year- old Mr. Laster Baker, who was killed last week when a fast moving log truck fatally slammed into his car as he was backing out of his driveway.  

Heavily traveled two lane highways such as U.S. 17 along the back roads of eastern North Carolina have been the focus of debate in regard to their safety. What is usually the case is when heavy traffic runs through areas that at one time may have been mostly residential. Craven County’s growth  and commercial development has not allowed many of its roads to keep pace and in some cases,  safety concerns are being raised.

North Carolina troopers say that Laster Baker had no idea what hit him until it was too late. Generally speaking, despite some available room to correct a vehicle during an imminent crash, or wreck, two lane roads are potentially more dangerous than you would suspect. Although we did not know Mr. Baker, our hearts and prayers are with him and his family during their time of grief. It is noted that there have been 22 fatal wrecks recorded in Craven County in 2009, three of them were on Highway 17. The two lane road was closed for almost three hours due to the wreck as crews worked to unload logs from the truck so it could be moved.