Log Truck Crash Kills Two in North Carolina

What Happened:

A car with three people in it swerved across the center line on a curve on US 421 in Pender County, North Carolina, and smashed into a logging truck coming the opposite direction.

Two people in the car were killed, and a third was injured. The driver of the truck was hospitalized.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

This accident appears to have occurred because the driver of the car lost control of the vehicle on a curve. We all should remember to slow down on curves and to always obey speed limits when we are on  the road. All it takes is for a brief loss of control for tragedy to result.

The families of the injured and dead in this tragic accident may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney. The driver of the car could possibly be sued in a wrongful death civil lawsuit. It will, however, take the thorough examination of this case by an expert personal injury attorney to determine the best legal path going forward.

We extend our condolences to the families.

For More Information:

Read our helpful guide on North Carolina car accidents.

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