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Log Truck Runs Red Light, T-bones Delivery Van in Courtland, VA

A delivery driver for a snack food company wound up hospitalized with injuries on the morning of June 4, 2015, after his van was hit by a log truck that ran a red light in Southampton County, Virginia (VA). The wreck occurred at the intersection of Route 58/Southampton Parkway and Story’s Station Road between the towns of Franklin and Courtland.



The delivery driver was making a right-hand turn onto Route 58 when the T-bone crash happened. News reports do not make it clear why the operator of the tractor-trailer failed to obey the stop signal, but the at-fault driver has been charged with reckless driving and not maintaining control of his vehicle.

Slowing a flatbed loaded with cut trees is difficult, and stopping such a heavily loaded semi quickly often proves impossible. If the log truck driver was speeding or became distracted while he approached the stoplight, he may have lacked the time and distance needed to avoid causing the wreck. Other possibilities include a mechanical problem affecting the big rig's brakes and a medical emergency that prevented the trucker from keeping control of his vehicle.

Any of those explanations would likely still leave him or his company liable for settling insurance claims and making compensation for damages ranging from medical bills to van repairs and lost wages and sales. Any reckless act like exceeding a posted speed limit by more than 20 miles per hour or negligent behavior like not performing timely and regular maintenance or taking the wheel while very sick creates liability.


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