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Loose Manhole Cover Allegedly Causes Child’s Head Injuries

A woman from Wyoming County, West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against a local water utility company, alleging that its negligence led to her child’s head injuries.

The complaint filed in Wyoming Circuit Court against Logan County PSD, alleges that in Aug. 2013, the woman and her child were walking on a street in Mullen WV. The child allegedly fell into a manhole because the cover was not on properly. She alleges that the child suffered a head injury, bruises, as well as various cuts and abrasions.

The lawsuit claims that the defendant was in breach of its duty to warn citizens of the hazard, and failed to take precautions to protect pedestrians. She is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages.

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Virginia hopes that this child has a full recover from her injuries. Our legal firm frequently works on cases involving head trauma and traumatic brain injuries, which often occur in car accidents. It always surprises us how little attention TBI gets. The fact is that every 23 seconds in the US, a TBI occurs in the US. This means that one million people per year suffer some type of head injury in the US. And about 50,000 will die from the blow that caused the TBI.

Many cases of TBI can have severe effects on the person that last for years, or permanently. Over five million Americans are dealing with the effects of TBI from previous accidents. Yet the effects of TBI are not always clear cut, so sometimes the person affected does not get proper treatment. Or, they do not get the compensation they deserve from the negligent party that caused the injury.

That’s why a top personal injury lawyer with experience in TBI cases needs to step in and ensure that the client gets fair treatment from both the insurance company and the US court system.


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