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Loosened Highway Debris Totals Teen's Car on I-264

This past July, a Virginia Beach teen almost lost her life to loose debris that suddenly appeared on one of the busiest highways in the Hampton Roads region – Interstate 264 (I-264).

A loosened metal box on I-264 totaled Maria Brewer’s vehicle and the vehicle of Hannah Little, a Virginia Beach teen. Since Brewer’s story came to light, Ms. Little stepped forward and said that she, too, was not getting any answers from the insurance company of the contractors that installed this unsafe metal box.

Ms. Little said that her car was totaled after it was struck by the metal box on I-264 in July 2014.

According to Ms. Little, when a trailer in front of her vehicle drove over a joint in the highway, “the ground moved.” Right when the trailer moved over the joint, the metal box flew out and Ms. Little had no time to react.

The second her vehicle collided with the box, airbags deployed, she couldn’t see anything, and had no control over her car. Her car not only side-swiped another vehicle, which could have had disastrous consequences, but it veered into the shoulder lane and hit the guardrail as well.

Miraculously, Ms. Little evaded serious personal injury despite her brush with danger.

The teen may have escaped bodily injury, but it appears she had to suffer great distress as a result of this debris.

Now, the Little family wants someone to answer for her suffering. Curtis Contracting Inc. (CCI), which installed the metal box, said the equipment was installed properly. CCI’s insurance company, Travelers Insurance, refused to offer either Brewer or Little any money to compensate them for their trauma and stress.

It is always disheartening whenever an insurance company attempts to dodge accountability at the cost of a victim’s peace of mind. We hope that both the Littles and Brewer get the answers they deserve.

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