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Loss of Control Around Curve Leads to Deadly Crash

A head-on collision in Colleton County, South Carolina (SC), left one woman dead and another driver critically injured. The two-car crash occurred on Charleston Highway near the intersection with Featherbed Road on August 19, 2015.




According to news reports, the incident began when the driver who survived the wreck lost control of her car while traveling through a curve. She crossed the center line of the highway, ran all the way off the opposite shoulder and wound up skidding sideways down the lane for oncoming traffic. Overcorrecting her steering appears to have made safely reentering the roadway impossible.

The deceased victim could not stop or swerve in time to avoid slamming into the out-of-control vehicle barreling right at her. The force of the impact trapped both drivers in their cars, and emergency responders were unable to extract the one woman in time to provide lifesaving medical care. She passed away at the scene.

Police continued investigating the fatal wreck into the following day and did not immediately file charges. While crossing over a center line itself constitutes a traffic violation, law enforcement officials may want to determine if speeding, distracted driving, drunk or drugged driving, or some other kind of negligent or reckless behavior caused the at-fault driver to leave her own lane.

Whatever answers regarding the cause of the fatal head-on collision emerge, the lesson for every driver is to round curves at safe speeds, while fully alert and in complete control. Going even a few inches over a lane divider creates a potentially deadly situation. 


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