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Loss of Control Creates Fatal Head-On in Fishersville, VA

VA car accident injury lawyerA head-on collision caused by an out-of-control driver badly injured a mother and killed her 5-year-old son in Fishersville, Virginia (VA). The wreck occurred on U.S. 250/Jefferson Highway near the turn off to Route 636/Old Goose Creek Road. The at-fault driver survived and will be charged.  News reports indicate that a man traveling west on U.S 250 lost control of his car, crossed the center line, ran all the way off the opposite shoulder, hit a guardrail and careened back onto the road and into the path of oncoming traffic. The injured woman and deceased child were in a car that the man struck.

Police did not provide details on why the at-fault driver could not stay in his own lane or recover control before causing the deadly crash. One news outlet speculated alcohol use may have played a role since the man has a pending charge for driving under the influence. Many things can lead a driver to run out of his lane and off the road, however.

The man may have fallen asleep at the wheel, experienced a seizure, taken his hands off the wheel to send a text message or had a tire blow out. All that really matters is that he did not maintain proper control of his car and inflicted undeserved suffering on another family. Whether he acted recklessly by driving drunk or while too tired to stay awake, or if he acted negligently by becoming distracted or failing to keep his car in good repair, the tragic outcomes resulting from the head-on collision cannot be undone. 


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