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Loudoun County, VA Truck Accident Injures Man, Kills Woman

It is so frustrating to read about preventable accidents that result in serious injuries and death. Take, for example, an accident that occurred on Route 15 in Loudoun County, Virginia (VA). Police were alerted to an erratic driver of a Chevrolet truck. When police finally found the reckless truck driver, it was too late.

The truck driver crossed into the southbound lane of Route 15 and hit a Ford van followed by hitting a 1997 Nissan pickup truck head-on. The erratic driver did not have a seat belt on and wound up losing their life at the scene of the wreck, according to

It is likely the family members of the innocent victim now in the hospital with serious injuries are experiencing an emotional rollercoaster filled with concern for their loved one and outrage at the circumstances of this accident. What caused the Chevrolet truck driver to operate their vehicle so erratically? Were they under the influence or suffering some type of physical ailment? Unfortunately, there are no concrete answers at this point.

If it turns out the at-fault driver was under the influence or distracted in some way, the family of the victim should consider filing an injury claim. When an at-fault driver causes an accident in a reckless or wanton fashion, many courts allow punitive damages to be pursued by the victim. This is additional compensation on top of compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering associated with the wreck.  

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