Malfunctioning Lift Gate Blamed for Severe Injury to Leg | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Virginia (VA) accident lawyers achieved a good result to help a worker get a recovery from a negligent party in a recent case.  On March 5th, 2009, a settlement of $700,000 was reached in a case involving defective equipment.  The injured employee, while on the job, in Roanoke County, was moving a drapery cart that weighed about 1,200 pounds.  In order for workers to move the heavy item, the company hired a “city van.”  After the man believed the cart was in proper position on the gate on the van, he gave the operator the go-ahead to lower it.  According to expert opinion, the gate, which is supposed to lower at about 6 inches per second, took only a second to fall.  The rapid fall of the gate caused the cart to crush the right leg, breaking both the leg bone and ankle. 

Air transport brought the victim from the local hospital to VCU Medical Center.  As time passed, after the accident, the leg injury continued to grow worse.  The worker’s shattered leg made him permanently disabled. 

The defendant’s attorney contended that there was no problem with the gate but that they had inappropriately positioned the cart.  The insurance company eventually offered a fair settlement.

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