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Man Dies in Truck/Tractor Trailer Crash in New Hampshire

One man died Oct. 6 in Barrington, New Hampshire (NH) when his pickup truck slammed into a tractor trailer head on.

New Hampshire State Police stated that the accident is still under investigation, but it appeared that the pickup truck crossed the median into the path of the big rig.

Police added that the truck was driving east on Route 9 in Barrington when it slammed into a tractor trailer going the other way. Both drivers went to the hospital, but the pickup truck driver died later.

A witness, Bill Goudreault, who lives near where the crash occurred, noted that there has been an increase in tractor trailer traffic on the road in recent years.

The tractor trailer driver suffered only minor injuries in the wreck.

Driving distracted – whether it is due to talking on the phone, playing with the radio or even falling asleep – can have horrendous consequences, as this story shows. This type of case unfortunately is all too common in our experiences as car and truck crash attorneys in Virginia. A brief moment of inattention while driving can be fatal. All of us would be well served to remember basic driver safety tips when we get behind the wheel:

·         Always keep your eyes on the road. Never be distracted by searching for objects in the car, and never look at distractions outside of the car as you drive.

·         Stay mentally focused. Just having eyes on the road is not enough. You also need to process what you see and react to it. Daydreaming or talking to a friend as you drive can kill you.

·         Keep both hands on the wheel – you are controlling a 4000 pound vehicle with those two hands. If you take one or both hands off the wheel, someone could die.

If more people would keep these basic driver safety tips in mind, we would see fewer deadly traffic accidents around the world.

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